George's Market Notes

October 24, 2023

     The stock market started the year off with a bang before beginning to cool off in July. Yahoo Finance shows the S&P 500 Index starting the year at 3,840, reaching 4,450 on June 30, +15.89%.          Closing at 4,369 on 0/12/23, the S&P slid 1.82%. With the Fed not expected to raise rates at their October 31 meeting, the stock market might react favorably in November and December.  

  • Fed funds rate seems to have reached an apex at 5.25 – 5.50%. If that turns out to be the case, bonds and stocks may perform well for a period.
  • The possibility of recession is still there, but apparently, it has not started yet. A soft landing might mean no recession.
  • Despite predictions to the contrary, consumer spending has not cooled off yet though LPL suggests that rising bankruptcies may be a harbinger of decreasing consumer spending in their 10/5/23 Daily Market Update.
  • Many analysts suggested that there would be modest stock market gains for the second half of 2023. The first 3 months of the second half was a small negative. We shall see if things pick up in October, November, and December.
  • The job market remains hot; the Fed’s inflation busting program seems to not have affected labor demand, which remains less than supply.  

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